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Potential Challenges 

Since March 2020 the global Covid-19 Pandemic has seen Governments across the World struggle to come to terms with the Covid-19 Crisis. Across every community and sections of society thousands of people has sadly lost their life or livelihood causing great stress, anxiety, depression and financial hardship.

British Charities and Organisations have seen unprecedented demand from their services especially the Samaritans with members of the public requesting advice and support. Many Mental Health charities were on record stating that the MHS  was already in crisis pre-March 2020 (pre-covid) and by the end of the year Mental Health Services will be in danger of failing to provide adequate and professional help to the vulnerable and those who are in a deep mental health crisis.  Charities are on record criticising the UK government in that they are not taking the crisis within the mental health system seriously and that they are failing to provide statutory and common law duties of care to some of the most vulnerable sections of the community and especially those who are suicidal. 

The UK Government have introduced a range of measures that they hope will ease the burden on families and communities across the country, the furlough scheme, universal credit increase,  mortgage holiday, corporate financial assistance, company grants  naming just a few. The mental health and well-being of the country cannot be managed with financial stimulus alone and only time will tell post-pandemic what actual physical and psychological remedies are required. Without doubt the UK like many countries across the world face unprecedented times in reshaping the mental health and well-being of the nation and only the united approach from every individual, household, community, corporate company and Government will be required in order to succeed. 

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Our mission is to work in partnership with national & local mental health charities & organisations by cementing and reporting on their excellent and dedicated work and report on these through a range of media services. Regardless of age, gender or social status mental health has no boundaries or limitations, its embedded in the fabric of every section of society, its within every persons DNA, it’s the one common goal that society shares universally and unequivocally. Aspire 2 passionately believe that their media services & events can make a positive difference, champion national and local causes and ultimately give service users a national voice. Our mission & values are clear, our professional team, service user led, are dedicated to the belief that our media services & events can make a positive difference into the debate and services regarding mental health across all sections of community and society.

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